Hats and Henna High Tea for The Rose

We were very grateful for the opportunity to work with Ashma and Fatima Khanani-Moosa to make this a spectacular event. With every event, we work to bring the clients vision to life. The concept from a design perspective for this event, was based on showcasing how there is always something better that grows from struggle and loss. Ashma Moosa is a cancer survivor who is committed to bringing awareness. She has partnered with The Rose in a show of her appreciation for the love and support they freely gave when she first started her journey. It is because of The Rose organization, Ashma is able to advocate and bring awareness to other women who may be facing the same hurdle. She was first diagnosed at The Rose and to this day they have been intimately involved in her continued survivor story. Women face so many challenges and each day they courageously forge on without complaint. P.S. Affairs is a female owned minority business and we are humbled to have been given the opportunity to transform Ashma’s idea into reality.

LCA Houston International Mother’s Day Soiree


Getting Crazy, Rich and Fabulous — Stylish Houston Moms Take a Bow in Unconventional Night

Fashionable Divas and a Timeless Cause


Taking its cue from a Hollywood success story, the seventh annual LCA HoustonInternational Mother’s Day Soirée adopted a “Crazy Rich and Fabulous” theme in its celebration of the city’s diversity and various cultures. The altruistic nod to the wildly successful Crazy Rich Asians film took place in the sophisticated environs of Asia Society Texas Center where several hundred men, women and children gathered to embrace the city’s multi-cultural fabric.

Even though it was post-Mother’s Day, the dinner evening saluted a dozen remarkable moms, many of whom walked the runway with their children, all in formal attire. Taking bows were Sadaf Aslam, Liza Bailey, Tammy Gee Su, Courtney Zubowski Hass, Samantha Holsomback, Sheekha Sethi Khan, Fadila Kibsgaard, Peta Gay Ledbetter, KPRC Channel 2’s Sofia Ojeda, Escarle Silvia, Fox 26’s Melissa Wilson and the 2019 “Showstopper,” Hallie Vanderhider. 

The fashionable divas presented an interesting mix not only for the range of heritage and beautiful gowns but also in their personal presentations which ranged from lady-like elegance to beauty queen pizzazz to hottie momma gyrations. All in good fun.

Joining the ladies in the spotlight were the evening’s emcees, Dr. Sippi Khurana and KPRC Channel 2 meteorologist Justin Stapleton, gala chairs Toni Tate and KHOU Channel 11’s Rekha Muddaraj and International Mother’s Day Soirée host and founder Ruchi Mukherjee.

In the spirit of the evening, guests supped on an Eastern-inspired cuisine from Chef Claudia Ginn‘s Gourmet.

PC Seen: Deepika and Swapnil Agarwal, Maria Bush, Maha and Omar Khan, Travis Torrence, Dr. Mehmood Khan, David Peck, Sabiha Rehmatulla, Mila Golovine, Howard Tate, Ajay Khurana, Bill Baldwin, Fady Armanious, Carmina Zamorano, Beth Muecke, and Arpan and Sapna Patel.

Employee Appreciation Ideas

We are all caught up in the spirit of Employee Appreciation Day, which is celebrated on March 4th. In fact, we love Employee Appreciation Day so much that we celebrate it all week! There is so much you can do to express appreciation for the people who work at your organization, and we thought it would be a good idea to share some of our ideas… including things we’ve done in the past that our employees have loved.

It’s essential to make employee recognition, including rewards, part of your everyday company culture. But that doesn’t mean Employee Appreciation Week should go unnoticed. These extra-special perks will remind all of your employees how much the company cares.


  1. On-site massage therapists or chiropractors
    Your employees are on their feet, hunched over computers, and sitting for long commutes… help them relax.
  2. Guided meditation
    Meditation is a great way to reduce stress. Bring in an expert to guide your employees, or host a recorded meditation for anyone who wants to participate in a quiet, dim room.
  3. Free yoga or other exercise classes
    Hire an on-site yoga or exercise teacher to come in for the day and host a series of classes for employees.
  4. Catered lunch and/or breakfast
    Bring your employees together and give them fuel for their busy day, by supplying healthy lunches or dinners for the whole company.
  5. Fitness trackers
    Encourage employees to keep better track of their steps, heart rate, and sleep by supplying fitness trackers. Bonus: the data from fitness trackers can be used for employee step competitions throughout the year!
  6. Bring in standing desks
    Not every employee will want to stand all the time, but you can provide supplies to temporarily convert desks into a standing format, or create permanent standing stations with monitors and power cords throughout the office.


  1. Educational speakers
    Give employees access to thought leaders in your industry. It’s educational and entertaining!
  2. Budget for employee-selected training/development
    Give team leaders a set budget for each employee they manage, then give employees the freedom to select the training they want – whether it’s a conference, class, or online course.
  3. Hold executive office hours
    Typically, your executive team is only accessible to your high-level managers. Give employees at all levels the opportunity to connect, share ideas, and ask questions of the leaders at your organization.
  4. Personal project time
    Set aside time for your employees to drop their regular projects and work on something they’re passionate about.
  5. Complete an initiative you’ve been promising
    Have you been telling employees forever that you’re going to overhaul performance reviews, bring in better snacks, or renovate the office bathrooms? Nothing will show your employees you appreciate them more than by fulfilling those promises.
  6. Office revamp
    Speaking of renovations, does your office need a facelift? Major construction isn’t in the cards for everyone, but there are a number of things that can improve employee experience, including better chairs, better lighting, more plants, a fresh coat of paint, or whatever your employees say they need!
  7. Updated electronics
    Time to do upgrades of laptops, monitors, smartphones, and software. Your employees will be thrilled, and probably more productive.
  8. A half-day off work
    Your employees will really feel appreciated if you let them leave early on March 4th!
  9. Flex vacation day
    If it’s not feasible for all employees to take an afternoon off at the same time, grant everyone one extra vacation day to use as they please; or put basic parameters on when they can redeem. If you’re going to give this gift though, don’t make it too restrictive.
  10. Extended break times
    Whether your employees typically get 15-minute breaks or 30-minute lunches, double their break times this week.
  11. Bring your dog to work
    Dogs can be great for reducing stress at the office. Not to mention, the owners can save a little money on dog-walker fees.
  12. Give volunteering hours
    Corporate social responsibility is an important way to keep your employees engaged. By giving your employees time off to volunteer, you reinforce your company’s dedication to CSR, and you give your team a great opportunity to get out of the office.


  1. Public employee recognition
    If you use a social recognition platform, this is something that happens every day. But you can make your recognitions extra special by blasting a few out to the company email list, praising someone during a team meeting, or posting recognitions up on public bulletin boards.
  2. Social media employee recognition
    If you want to praise your great employees for the whole world to see, post individual recognitions on your company’s social media channels. Just be sure to get the employees’ permission before you share their names or photos.
  3. Rewards & recognition suggestion box
    Of course, it doesn’t have to be a physical box – but it is a great idea to reach out to your employees and ask them what forms of recognition and rewards are the most meaningful to them. Is there something that your recognition or total rewards program is missing? This is a great time to find out.
  4. Office awards ceremony
    Host a company-wide awards ceremony to celebrate some of the biggest successes over the past year, whether they were accomplished by individuals or whole departments. Make the ceremony a fun, creative, event – not just another company meeting.
  5. Personalized thank you notes
    Recognition technology is a powerful thing, but we still love the idea of hand-written notes every now and then. It gives a certain touch!

Gifts & Treats

  1. Pick-a-subscription gift
    Gifts like monthly cheese samplers, doggie gift boxes, or snack subscriptions are a great way to show your employees you care on an ongoing basis. Send out a list of options that fit your budget, and let your employees pick what works for them.
  2. High-quality sweet treats
    Even if you keep the kitchen stocked with mini candy bars, your employees will be happier if you pick up a box of treats from the local bakery, the popular cupcake place around the corner, or the trendy donut shop.
  3. Better coffee
    Get rid of the rocket fuel. Treat your employees to a selection of gourmet beans and blends. Or if budget allows, bring in a pop-up barista for the week who can whip up lattes and cappuccinos.
  4. Live entertainment
    Concerts, comedy shows, and sporting events are all great bonding opportunities for your employees, whether you bring the performers on campus, or take your employees on a field trip.
  5. Spot bonuses
    You can’t go wrong with bonuses. But if you’re going to go this route, be generous. Sums too small might insult your teams.
  6. Extra budget for team outings
    Give team leaders budget for fun activities. They can plan outings that their team is likely to enjoy, and they can bond more easily in a small group setting.
  7. Fun desk drops
    Give your employees something fun to look forward to all week by leaving quirky, fun, or useful gifts on their desks before they arrive.

Are Social Events Important For A Company?


Putting on a social event is great for connecting with clients in a different but important way. For many of us, it’s a rare opportunity to really talk to our clients and partners, beyond the time-pressed exchanges of logistics that normally pass for interaction. Engaging with each other outside official career roles helps everyone involved remember they’re interacting with people – cool, intelligent, passionate people – a fact sometimes forgotten when the stress of getting the job done puts strain on the working relationship.

Throwing a social event offers a perhaps even more important opportunity to bond with clients with whom you’re not currently working. It’s a great way to reestablish contact. Even if they can’t make it, an invite is always appreciated. And hopefully the next invite they will be able to accept!

For those who do make it, they’re not only bonding with you, but everyone present benefits from the networking boost. Your guests will probably pick up leads and contacts of their own, which is a win-win for everyone. Plus, seeing your strong relationship with all the different vendors, sponsors, experts, etc., who you work with will solidify their confidence in working with you themselves.

Not least of all, especially in the stressful life-sciences industry, we all also just need an opportunity to let our hair down.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy (often it’s better if it’s not!), but do take the opportunity to show off your achievements and let the world celebrate alongside you for one night (or day) where the business talk stops but the opportunities don’t.

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The culture of your company matters.

Employees want a workplace that is positive and rewarding. Clients prefer to work with businesses that boast happy, engaged employees. Every move you make to strengthen your company culture is a direct investment in your workplace. Your business, after all, is only as strong as your best employees.

Let’s talk about how corporate events can benefit the relationships that exist between your company and its employees and clients.

What are Corporate Events?

Corporate events are gatherings that are sponsored by a company for its employees, clients or business partners. They come in all shapes and sizes. Company events can be large and hosted at a convention, or they can be small and intimate.

Your event depends on how many people you are inviting, your relationship with these individuals and the nature of your business. Each corporate event should have a purpose that leads to a positive impact on your company culture.

Let’s dive into some of the ways that you can use company events to strengthen connections.

Reward Top Clients

Your clients are instrumental to the success of your organization, but they don’t all have the same impact on your bottom line. Show your top clients that you appreciate their loyalty by inviting them to a corporate event. Clients need to be reminded that you value their business and care about their success just as much as your own.

Celebrate Company Successes

Have you enjoyed more accounts or a bigger bottom line this past year? Invite employees and top clients to celebrate this growth. After all, you have them to thank for your continued success. Company-wide events give key individuals an opportunity to network with each other. Putting a name with a face is extremely helpful when developing meaningful relationships.

Acknowledge Company Milestones

Another way to celebrate as a company is to acknowledge milestones that your company has reached, such as an anniversary. Clients and employees who take part in milestone events feel a sense of ownership. In this case, you don’t want to limit your invites to top clients only. Think about those who have been with your company since the beginning and launched you into success.

Corporate events should never be undervalued in the business world. By hosting these events from time to time, you can directly improve the culture and morale of your company. It’s a win-win for everyone.

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When holding an event of any kind, proper planning is crucial to ensure its success. A poorly organised event can be of more damage to the reputation of a business or organisation than having no event at all. Planning encompasses all aspects of the event, from its initial conception and idea generation stage through to the timetable for the night itself. Everyone wants their events to run smoothly, and using an events management company can help to reduce stress and enable the organisers to enjoy their night.

In its planning stage, there are several key questions to ask which direction the rest of the arrangements required for the night. First of all, consider why the event is being held. Is it to attract new clients, foster links with businesses in the local community, celebrate a success of some kind, raise funds or to generate recruitment interest? There are of course numerous other reasons to hold an event, unique to each person’s field or interests. Either way, the overall objective will determine what kind of event is held and guide the remaining factors. The purpose of the event will govern the audience and the invitation list.

Marianne Clais, International Model, Cambodiahttps://www.facebook.com/marianne.cl.cl

Compiling the guest list for the night needs to reflect the tone of the event as well as creating the best possible benefit. A networking event for local businesses will not be a success without good attendance from businesses in the community. Likewise, a recruitment based event or a fundraiser needs good advertising across the local area to generate interest and secure a viable level of attendance.

Once the guest list is created and objectives determined, the event planning can get a little more creative. Choosing the kind of event and its theme or style can be exciting but needs co-ordinating with the chosen venue well in advance to ensure that all ideas are practical. Even ensuring there is a suitable PA system of microphones and speakers is a crucial stage: a keynote speaker or presentation by the guest of honour cannot be practical without suitable amplification, but this is easily overlooked by the inexperienced event planner.

Likewise, seating arrangements and accommodation where necessary need to be arranged at least three months before the event. Liaise with the venue to make plans: venues with hotel facilities are often likely to offer a reduced rate for attendees of your event, but they will need to make arrangements for this and so planning is essential. Event management companies can advise on the event planning process and take responsibility for all or some of the necessary activities.

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Every event starts with a vision. Wedding decor can be challenging when you have a million ideas.

Why So Many Couples Love Having Low Centerpieces
We love towering flower arrangements, but here’s why the lower varieties are so popular

When it comes to choosing the floral arrangements for your wedding reception tables, you have three main choices: high centerpieces, low centerpieces, or a combination of both. It’s true that incorporating both tall and short floral arrangements throughout your reception space helps to keep everything interesting as the eye sees the room as balanced when viewing the overall space; however, there’s something to be said about the beauty of only showcasing low centerpieces.

There are a variety of reasons why one may choose to have only low centerpieces on their tablescapes. Some couples decide to do so in order to save money – lower arrangements are typically smaller, requiring less flowers and smaller vases – while others prefer that their guests be able to talk to each other from across the table without having to peer around a large arrangement of florals. Others choose to incorporate smaller blooms in order to bring the focus to another design element, such as the place settings themselves, striking floral chandeliers overhead, or the surrounding landscape. 

If you or your family members have your heart set on tall centerpieces, the images from the weddings below may make you question your decision. Take a look at these low centerpiece arrangements, and find out why so many couples incorporate the style into their celebrations.

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