Are Social Events Important For A Company?


Putting on a social event is great for connecting with clients in a different but important way. For many of us, it’s a rare opportunity to really talk to our clients and partners, beyond the time-pressed exchanges of logistics that normally pass for interaction. Engaging with each other outside official career roles helps everyone involved remember they’re interacting with people – cool, intelligent, passionate people – a fact sometimes forgotten when the stress of getting the job done puts strain on the working relationship.

Throwing a social event offers a perhaps even more important opportunity to bond with clients with whom you’re not currently working. It’s a great way to reestablish contact. Even if they can’t make it, an invite is always appreciated. And hopefully the next invite they will be able to accept!

For those who do make it, they’re not only bonding with you, but everyone present benefits from the networking boost. Your guests will probably pick up leads and contacts of their own, which is a win-win for everyone. Plus, seeing your strong relationship with all the different vendors, sponsors, experts, etc., who you work with will solidify their confidence in working with you themselves.

Not least of all, especially in the stressful life-sciences industry, we all also just need an opportunity to let our hair down.

It doesn’t have to be expensive or fancy (often it’s better if it’s not!), but do take the opportunity to show off your achievements and let the world celebrate alongside you for one night (or day) where the business talk stops but the opportunities don’t.

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