Hats and Henna High Tea for The Rose

We were very grateful for the opportunity to work with Ashma and Fatima Khanani-Moosa to make this a spectacular event. With every event, we work to bring the clients vision to life. The concept from a design perspective for this event, was based on showcasing how there is always something better that grows from struggle and loss. Ashma Moosa is a cancer survivor who is committed to bringing awareness. She has partnered with The Rose in a show of her appreciation for the love and support they freely gave when she first started her journey. It is because of The Rose organization, Ashma is able to advocate and bring awareness to other women who may be facing the same hurdle. She was first diagnosed at The Rose and to this day they have been intimately involved in her continued survivor story. Women face so many challenges and each day they courageously forge on without complaint. P.S. Affairs is a female owned minority business and we are humbled to have been given the opportunity to transform Ashma’s idea into reality.

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